Our name is our commitment: KING is an abbreviation of the German term Steins of International Recognition (Krüge Internationaler Geltung).

We are located in Hoehr-Grenzhausen, which has been the heart of Germany's ceramic industry for centuries.

Hoehr-Grenzhausen is THE perfect place for us because raw materials are literarily on the spot. In addition, our close co-operation with the College for Ceramics as well as with other local institutions for research and development, plus the great infrastructure in our area, enable us to combine business's growth with ecological awareness.

K I N G    W E R K:

High Quality Products.
Sustainably produced.
100 percent Made in Germany.

Preserving Tradition Plus Shaping The Future
As an established, local and expanding business, we are a job provider since generations and also an educator for ceramic as well as business professions.
Our steins are made in traditional handcrafting and are not just drinking vessels, but also very decorative and beautiful collector pieces.